How to Keep Ticks Away From Your Home

With summer fast approaching, many people are making plans to get outdoors after being stuck inside all winter. Many outdoor adventures fill our time with fun and happiness when the weather is nice outside, but with the warm weather also comes an influx of dangerous pests, including ticks.

Although many people think that ticks only attack animals, nothing could be further from the truth. Pets and humans alike are at risk of being bitten by a tick -and the dangers that it causes. Lyme disease is the most common disease associated with a tick bite.

If you are ready to enjoy the summer without ticks, mosquitos, and other pests filtrating the lawn, use the following tips to better control all of those unwanted critters.

·    Mow the Lawn: Cutting the grass not only keeps the curb appeal nice, but also eliminates hiding spots for pests such as ticks. Mow the lawn once every two – four weeks during the summer. Don’t forget weed control!

·    Call a Pro: The best protection against ticks is professional service. Professional tick control wilmington companies offer several treatment options to choose from to protect your home. With a DEET pesticide or other natural remedies, ticks are not such a threat to your home.

·    Make it Uncomfortable: Ticks (and other pests) are picky about the ground they walk on. Make it a bit more uncomfortable for ticks and pests and you’ll notice them less and less. You can make the ground uncomfortably by adding gravel or wood chips.

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Keeping your home pest and tick-free is something every homeowner should strive to do when summer rolls around. Ticks are a serious threat to pets and humans, but can easily be minimized if you do your part to keep them away.